London Property Investors

Prime central London is a tried and tested safe haven for investment capital, attracting property investors worldwide. 

Whether you are looking for strong capital appreciation, income and a good yield or simply a hassle-free place to shelter cash and a fairly liquid investment, we can help.

Our market knowledge is second to none to the extent that we recently won awards for Best Property Finder London and Best Property Finder UK at the UK Property Awards.  Unlike other Agents, we are totally independent and work wholly for the buyer, so there is no conflict of interest and we are incentivised to acquire property for you at the very best price.  We are also unrestricted regarding property we can show you, so we source property from other Agents in addition to our vast database of contacts.  Therefore we can introduce you to off-market property and property you would never find on your own or through another agent.

We leave no stone unturned in pursuit of the ideal investment for you, including identifying suitable options and bringing them to market just for you.  After all, many of the very best properties change hands this way and if you are the only buyer, then negotiating the best price is often much easier.

We can suggest the best areas for capital appreciation, advice on ways in which yields can be maximised and suggest strategies for out-performing the market.  With over 50 years experience of investing in property, we know that buying the right property at the right price is the best way to maximise capital growth and boost yields and we are routinely engaged to act for our clients on that basis.

Naturally we can organise everything you need from finance and foreign exchange to legal work and due diligence to finding a tenant, furnishing and interior design and managing the property going forward.

We know the market both for sales and rentals so any purchase you make through us will be thoroughly researched and you will have all the data you need at your fingertips, to assist you with your analysis and decision making.

Crucially, we are different to our competitors because our background is in property development and commercial site acquisition which means we understand what underpins a good investment and are able to deliver a return on investment to all our clients. Property is likely to be one of the biggest assets within your portfolio, and in many cases represents the sole investment class. Like every major investment you make, a property purchase should be thoroughly researched and well-informed and enlisting our professional expertise will save you a great deal of time, money and stress.

Many of our overseas Clients who instruct us whilst overseas, will find an ideal investment the first time they come out with us, as a result of the huge amount of work which goes on before you set foot in the UK.

To buy smart and take advantage of our extensive market knowledge, the first step is to contact us either by telephone, email or by using the form on the contact page. We are happy to discuss your issues with you and we look forward to hearing from you and finding you an investment which delivers. 


Call us now on +44 (0) 20 7923 7564 or contact us here.