Schools and Property

Manse & Garret Property Search can help you find schools for your children and a property nearby or in London for use at exeat weekends and half term. 

We can also find accommodation for children in further education in London and other major university towns.

Our schools expert is a consultant who previously worked for both OFSTED and ISI which are the leading school inspectorates in the UK.  She has extensive boarding experience and understands the challenges and culture differences faced by children from overseas who come to study in the UK.  Her own experience of attending boarding school plus her interest in pastoral care and contacts means she has the inside track on the security and safety for children provided by the different schools.

We can also recommend different schools depending on the talents and interests of the children and parents, be they academic, sports, music, arts, Oxbridge entry and the personality of the child.

Most parents also want to invest in property close by or in London, which we can easily facilitate, identifying homes in safe areas with good prospects for strong capital appreciation.

For more information on ways in which we can help and a confidential discussion please contact us by telephone, email or by using our contact form here.