Residency & Relocations

For those Clients interested in permanent residency in the UK, Manse and Garret can assist with everything from applications for short term and ultimately long term rights to remain in the UK to full integration into British society.

We specialise in assisting people with considerable assets to purchase property in London and the environs and favour the Tier One Investment route to residency.

Individuals with the required means can apply for fast-track residency and British citizenship, without any need for sponsorship from a third party, language proficiency or fulfilling age or educational requirements. 

The visa will normally be ready within 3 – 5 months and full residency rights can be achieved within a couple of years.

Tier One Investment Visa

Key Tier One Investment Criteria:

  •  £1 million+ to be placed in a regulated UK financial institution and disposable to the UK – as a rough rule of thumb, the higher the investment – the shorter the delay regarding the application for full residency
    • £1m invested – 5 year application process
    • £5m invested – 3 year application process
    • £10m invested – 2 year application process
  • Personal assets worth £2 million or more which is without any liabilities
  • Ownership of a property within the UK  shows commitment and is also helpful when applying for residency
  • Note that candidates currently on a tier 3, tier 5 or Working Holiday visa are not eligible to switch to this visa category.


Investor Visa applicants are exempt from several essential requirements with which other Tier 1 Visa category holders must comply and are also entitled to the following benefits:

  • Exemption from certain prerequisites such as English proficiency, minimum age and education requirements
  • Proof of personal income tax is not required
  • The main applicant can be either the husband or wife and they can be accompanied by their children under the age of 18 years, however where children are over 18, applicants must transfer assets to the child’s name and appoint the child as the main applicant. If the child intends to study in the UK, parents can apply for the Investor Visa as the child can obtain immigration status as a student.

(Note that the main applicant is required to live in their UK home for a minimum of 183 days and the processing time for an Investor Visa is usually about 3-5 months.)

We can organise your entire relocation from the moment you arrive in the UK, including finding your new family home, conducting school searches for your children, suggesting ways of meeting new friends and integrating, both within the Chinese community and into wider society.

If you are interested in relocating or applying for UK residency, please get in touch.  We operate throughout the London area and the Home Counties.

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