Why Use a Buyers Agent

In the UK, while estate agents work on behalf of vendors, traditionally buyers had no one to ‘fight their corner’.

However, the advent of independent property buying agents – Manse & Garret being one of the longest established – is transforming the property buying process for buyers who use them.

Whereas an estate agent will only show you the properties they themselves have for sale, Manse & Garret will scour the whole market for suitable properties  and provide exclusive access to homes which are not for sale.

Secondly, estate agents will want to paint the best possible picture of clients’ properties and may be tempted to arrange viewings for homes that do not meet your brief.

We work exclusively for you, so we give an honest, unbiased opinion, and will only shortlist homes that fulfil all your specifications.

And if we can’t find anything which fulfils your brief, we persuade owners to sell, just for you.

Finally, while estate agents are incentivised to sell for a high price, we will negotiate to ensure you pay the lowest price possible.

Here are ten reasons to use a buyers agent:

Here are the top ten benefits of using a London Property Search Agent or London Buying Agent:

  1. Access to ‘off-market’ property which is not available on Rightmove or other property search engines.
  2. Ability to get Clients in to popular properties before everyone else, giving the Client longer to think about it and first refusal.
  3. Some Buying Agents, Manse & Garret being one,  will take a brief from the Client and will find a property which is ideal for the Client rather than shoe-horning the Client into whatever is available through Estate Agents at the time.
  4. Excellent market knowledge, including the latest prices achieved in the area including sold prices of properties which are not commonly available because of the way in which they have been bought and on sales which have exchanged but not completed. 
  5. Fees will usually be less than the savings negotiated by the Buying Agent.
  6. Access to repossessions, especially at the top end of the market where distress sales are sold discretely.
  7. Viewings at a time to suit you – we can do late nights and weekends.
  8. Only seeing properties which fit the brief exactly and often seeing all properties in one day.
  9. One point of contact although property sources will typically include lots of Estate Agents and many other contacts.
  10. The Buying Agents will negotiate the property purchase if required and handle as much of the conveyancing process as possible and will be able to suggest, good lawyers, interior designers, builders etc.

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